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Looking for a specific mod.. if it exists..

  • Hello, So i've given up on editing handling of vehicles my self while just trying to achieve simple differences, I just can't wrap my head around how to do it..
    I'm even expressing my struggle here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/18748/help-with-handling

    Regardless.. I'm wondering if there is a mod out there that lets you increase/decrease vehicle multipliers (horsepower, topspeed, torque, break) while in the game, BUT does not apply it to all vehicles in the game.

    Alot of trainers, mods have that option, but they just apply the multipliers to all the vehicles, in the game, Menyoos trainer is amazing and has that option, in menyoo costumes to edit the multipliers of a single specific vehicle, but only downside is, once the vehicle that you edited re spawns (eg: parked in garage, vehicle loader, even if you save it, or you do a mission and it comes back in the end of the mission) its back to the default multipliers.

    And then I found that If you save the vehicle after editing it in Menyoo itself only, it will spawn it on your command with the edited values. But its a hassle.. specially if you are like me and use a vehicle persistence mod.

    LONG STORY SHORT, Im not being a lazy **** and looking for a mod that saves it for one vehicle all the time, let me be a little more realistic, just something that will save the multipliers for a certain models, for example If I changed the multipliers on the dominator, It will always load those changes on all dominators in the game, since any one dominator can respawn at anytime.

    Just like that vehicle stance mod. that saves the stance edits to the vehicle makes of your choice and applys them when you get in them, shame its just of the stance only..

    Feel like I bored you here, if you have any idea if any mod exists because I searched, please help me out. Thanks.

  • @OGKnowledge I dont know if such mod exists, i know my trainer can only do a power multiplier. But i have had several cars that either handle bad or roll over too easy or ride height i want lower or higher. and i know its a pain having to go in and out of the game. One such car was fast but not realistic because it would go fast enough but it only used two gears, three at a very long straight.

    You have probably already seen it but this helped me to understand what i was adjusting and make life a bit easier


  • @OGKnowledge Try this one:
    It's not exaclty what you want (you have to load the meta/ini every time the game starts), but you have only to press a key.

  • @Marcel2015

    Gonna try this one now, but yeah its convenient enough to press one key at the start of the game, but from the looks of it, its gonna apply the handling to all cars though right, not to a certain type.

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