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Dispatch.meta editing infos

  • Hi,
    I would like to tweak my own dispatch.meta. Nothing heavy tho, just few modifications but I'm not sure how I should proceed and to what the values refer to...
    For example, I want :

    • 1* : 1 police car
    • 2* : 3 police cars
    • 3* : 6 police cars / no helicopter / roadblocks
    • 4* : 10 police cars / 1 helicopter / police vans / roadblocks
    • 5* : 10 police cars / 2 helicopters / FIB / Riot vans / roadblocks

    Also I wish a longer cooling time except when hiding (shorter).

    And does someone knows if it's possible to make the police more sticky during the chases ?

    Thank you in advance for any answers. I know I could pick up a dispatch.meta from an another mod but they tweak too much. Me I just want more police cars during the chases (specially at 3* with no helicopter) and stickier bastards).


    @FryTHF why don’t you download a few custom dispatch.meta’s and compare them all and look into changing stuff in your one

  • @Reacon
    Hi ! Coz I don't understand the values and what effects will they give in game... Also I understood that what I want to do requires to modify other files as combat behavior, wanted tuning and maybe some others...
    I need help to understand how to tweak values to get effects I wish.

  • @cgz
    Thank you ! I checked that one already and understood that actually, this is not the file I have to modify to get what I want...
    What file should I modify to change the number of cars in chasing, helicopter stop shooting at 3*, ... ?

    Thank you for your help tho

  • @FryTHF try to google dispatch.meta , there should be forums with pple who found how it exactly work,
    I only add some vehicles I don't have the knowledge . I guess you just have to edit and tweak the spawn delay with the min/max OrderDistance to have the result you want. For the helicopter stop shooting i don't know too , maybe a line to add , another .xml file to create or edit

  • @cgz
    Thank you for your feedback! Appreciated.
    I will try to find out by tweaking some files related to the cops. Just hope I will not conflict with other mods.

    Btw, when you say "I only add some vehicles", do you mean that you increase the number of police cars for the spawning or you just added add-on cars to your game ?

  • @FryTHF Yes adding add-ons with <Vehicle></Vehicle> tags .
    Also I forgot to add that you can use betterchases script and tweak some values in the ini

  • Hi!

    Ok I know more precisely how to modify my police behavior in game. First I modified my handling.meta to make the cops car easier to control for the AI since I'm using a realistic driving mod. I added more brakes, more grip and less damages : works like a charm.

    Now I would like to know in which files I could modify the datas to get the following behavior (picked up from Realistic Dispatch mod : https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realistic-dispatch-mod-modified-crime-and-police-rebalance-mod) :

    • High speed chases are now really enjoyable because police will follow you in train formation and won't give up the chase as easily.
      For example, if they lag behind, they will not despawn immediately, but first try to catch up.

    • Police will not ram you from behind in pursuits (They will still use PIT manoeuvres) ds.xml

    • 3 stars: Police gets more aggressive and more units spawn + helicopter (will not shoot at you until 4 stars) and an occasional swat unit

    If someone knows, please share ! It should be somewhere into those files :

    • combatbehaviour.meta
    • dispatchtuning.ymt
    • vehicleaitasks.ymt
    • wantedtuning.ymt

    Thank you in advance

  • @cgz
    Ok I see !
    The betterchases script looks good but don't really cover my needs.

    On my previous post I explained a bit more what I wish to change and it seems not really difficult, I just have to know where to change the datas.

    Do you have a clue about this ?

  • @FryTHF Not really :/

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