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Activation Required Screen even when bypass enabled

  • If someone would please be very patient - am trying to set up Mod Manager. Have followed Bilago's tutorial 2 and installed Scripthook, RageHook Plug in, LSPDFR and Police Radio, each into their own folders within my Mods folder. Have checked the Folder option in set up. Am able to load the game for single player with all the mod boxes unchecked. However, if I check any combination of mod boxes or all of them, the loading seems to be working until the RageHook screen with, "initializing Game Support, Velocity Limit Removed, Patching Code, Waiting for Game Initialization", comes up with the Activation Required screen behind it. Clicking the OK just crashes everything. Have selected bypass activation in the setup. Please can someone guide me through this? Many thanks Chop2

  • @chop2mods Maybe you should just, I dunno, activate your game?! Unless you have some (fishy?) reason why you wouldn't want that to happen.


    @meimeiriver cough cracked copy cough :smirk:

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