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Ammo for mk2 Weapons

  • (sorry for my bad English)
    I know its possible to add ammo for the mk2 pumpgun but you cant add the explosive ammo from online mode
    I've searched through the weapons_pumpshotgun_mk2.meta data changed BULLETS to EXPLOSIVE, nothing changed can someone help me?

  • @MaxLuk just go into a trainer and set it to explosive rounds

  • ok but is there a way to get the original mk2 ammo in singleplayer?

  • @MaxLuk not sure

  • i think it would be a mod that tells the game to get the recources out of the mp-content
    MK2 / MKII Weapon Deals in SP is a kind of what im searching but u cant buy the mk2 pumpgun there.
    Maybe we get such a mod in future.
    Or it is already released pls someone let me know.

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