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[VEHICLE TEMPLATE REQUEST] For a toyota supra.

  • Hi.
    I've spent more than half a day trying to do this myself, but my lack of skill and VERY laggry zmodeler make it impossible. Plus i could not find sufficent amount of information on the issues i encountered. And tutorials... those are done for someone who is not new to zmodeler, as i bet many steps are just skipped.

    So, by watching tutorials, it does not seem to be too big of a thing to do.
    What i hope someone can do for me is make this supra livery ready with a template (for all bodykits etc).
    I can do the meta part myself, but i cant figure out zmodeler. And if you have to wait more than 5 minutes after each press of a button, its not fun to just "try".

    Link for the Supra : https://files.gta5-mods.com/uploads/toyota-supra-add-on-stock-more-tuning/189e9f-Toyota_Supra_stock.zip

    Would ofcourse appreciate a good tutorial too. Ones i managed to find either didn't start from the very beginning, or were missing some small, but important details.

    Thank you guys.

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