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Real-Life Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Mod

  • Initially this was gonna be scrapped because I was suffering instability issues. Yesterday that was fixed by a very simple syntax error I found in my gameconfig. With this mod, you will be treated to traffic densities you will/cannot find from any mod that has ever tried to do this. Traffic densities will closely resemble population densities, and will have a rush-hour cycle occurring between 4 - 8 am and 4 - 8 pm. In the urban areas, there will be some inconsistency at times due to the way R* has there paths set up. That may be a future project for me.

    As for the peds, this part of the mod will come with incremental updates - perhaps every couple days - until I am satisfied. Increased peds will occur from the bottom of Vespucci all the way to Del Perro pier. As an extra bonus I will also beef up the peds on the sidewalks across from the Chinese theatre in East Vinewood.

    NOTE: This mod is for strong PCs only. 16 Gb memory minimum and a modern I-7 processor, and ideally 8 Gb vRam or more. Those with 6Gb may get away with it. I will release this as an entire package, or you can decide over either or.

  • A Test play-through for Burton - feast yer eyes on THIS madness, LOL -

  • Nice ! Iwait for the Mod ;)

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