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What are the must download mods

  • hey guys im new to the website and gta v on pc and was wondering what are the must have mods to download for GTA V, if anyone can help me out and give me the links of mods or give me the name of them, it would be very much appreciated. thanks in advance

  • @kevin8468 I can provide you with a list, but It will not be a small one, and it will take me some time to do.

  • @kevin8468 What a "must have" is depends solely on personal taste. However there are certain things which are essential to get started. You need ScriptHookV in order to run ANY mods, whether it's cars or script mods. Then you need ScriptHookVDotNet for .net script mods and then there is OpenIV if you want addon vehicles, weapons, clothing or general game modding like different textures and such.
    Also read the pinned threads here and here.

  • @Cyron43 Yeah

  • @eshenk how big is the list you have?

  • @kevin8468 It's a lot, I won't lie. I am going to be very thorough with the order things should go, because similar mods will overwrite stuff - and to get the best experience I need to provide instruction. Before we begin, though, I need to know the following -

    1.) You already have openIV installed

    2.) Your game is NOT a cracked version

    3.) Do you enjoy realism, or do you prefer lore-friendly? Do you want real-life brands, billboards, and such?

    4.) Need to know how strong your PC is, because a lot of what I would ordinarily recommend, require a modern-aged PC with hardware that is current gen. Also what version of Windows.

    5.) That you have the latest version of both scripthookv and scripthookvdotnet in your game folder.

    6.) That you have already created a scripts (spelled just as you see it, no caps) folder inside your game folder.

    7.) You have a mods folder inside your game folder, with a minimum of the vanilla update folder inside of it.


    @Cyron43 Yeah


    @eshenk said in What are the must download mods:

    6.) That you have already created a scripts (spelled just as you see it, no caps) folder inside your game folder.

    All true. Directory names in Windows (NTFS) are case-insensitive, though; so, my own 'Scripts' folder works just fine. :)

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