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Help with questions on the script

  • Hey. I've often asked, but rarely or never get a response.. (nobody wants to teach newbies:(((((

    but hope will have the people, which will help with such questions:

    1. How to freeze the position of the player for a certain time?
    2. How to remove the minimap blips created? That they were visible only on the big map... (I hope you understand what I mean... my English is very bad..)
    3. There is a condition: AT_Money = false it is necessary that after a certain period of time the condition became AT_Money = true. How to do it?
    4. I'm doing the player's inventory. There is a shop that sells cigarettes. How to make sure that the number of cigarettes in the player's inventory increased, and when using decreased?

    Answering at least one of these questions you will help me very much and for me it will be another step towards understanding...

    Thank you in advance

  • i know they dont like to help new peeple im new to gta 5 modding

  • @pantherkid1313 huh.. Therefore it is necessary to do at random...

  • @CaTBaT The first thing you got to learn is how to program. Get your head around a programming language like C# or C++, which takes about 2 years to become savvy at it. Then (if you program in C#) just look into the ScriptHookVDotNet2 reference with the object browser of Visual Studio. Understanding what you see there, how to handle events and how to do timed loops should be no problem for you anymore once you learned software development.
    All things you mentioned are easy tasks and I'm sorry to say that but for the sake of the community you should refrain from writing script mods until you got some knowledge, not just about how to call into a library but even more about how to avoid performance hits and memory leaks. Gta5-mods is not the place to teach programming basics. Buy a good book instead.

    @pantherkid1313 That's why.

  • ok well sorry for making all these post im new to modding im still new to all this and how do i get better i am getting the hang of and stop being mean to me


    If you want to get into scripting, read some programming books and practice the exercises in those books until you get a decent grip on programming in general, and then start with programming with ScriptHookVDotNet or ScriptHookV specifically.

    Nobody is mean as long as there's a trace of effort from your side.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!


    @pantherkid1313 install a custom gameconfig or bundle up your cars into one dlc

  • @pantherkid1313 said in Help with questions on the script:

    i got 2 addon cars to work and install the new one i got then i open gta and my game crashes

    And how is this related to script development? Please don't hijack threads!

  • @pantherkid1313 Create a new topic for new unrelated questions.

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