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BOSS Police

  • Hi everyone,

    I got an idea to make the police chases more intense.
    This idea will fit if players use a realistic driving mod.

    After getting 3* during a chase, it could be cool to have a boss police car joining the chase. This must be a tough and unique car in the game (Mustang GT, Porsche, Corvette, Ferrari, McLaren), so an Add-on reserved for only spawning during chase.
    After 5mn of chase at 3*, the car will spawn and stick on your ass so hard until you destroy it (or disappearing after 5mn of chasing).

    To get this one sticking on your ass, I got an idea, tested it and it worked well. Instead of applying the realistic handling values, just let the original handling (or maybe tweaked but just a little). Like that, the police car will follow you easily and stick your car so much.
    Maybe also, make it more resistant to the crashes.

    When I tried with a random police car, that one was so neat at driving, stick my ass and makes me feel really challenged. Nothing compared to the others who were crashing at every turn or every feint I did.

    I don't have enough knowledge to do that mod which I guess would be a script. But If you guys have a tutorial which could teach me how to do it, I will take the time to do. Or if someone likes this idea, I will be glad to support the work.


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