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GTA 5 Not launching

  • Hello all, I am in need of some help. I cannot get GTA 5 to launch. everytime I try to launch it is comes up with the social club launcher, then it goes away and I have a never ending loading cursor unless I kill GTA 5 from task manager. I have not played GTA in a few months and all I have are car mods and Natural Vision. I have tried updating Script Hook V and Natural Vision. it did not change anything and the same thing is happening.

  • I have just uninstalled NV from GTA and it still does the same thing as before.

  • I uninstalled the ASI loader to not load in any mods. After trying to run the game I get an error that says game data is corrupted and to verify integrity or reinstall. Backing up my mods folder then I will delete it from main folder and try verifying the integrity and reinstalling if that did not work.

  • I uninstalled the ASI loader in OpenIV and verrified game integrity. Game launched after doing that so I went back to OPEN IV and reinstalled the ASI loader and it is doing it again. Starting to uninstall mods one by one to see what the issue is

  • I gave up on uninstalling every single mod and am just reinstalling and downloading and installing the most up to date versions of my mods

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