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Lore-friendly mods installation order?

  • I'd like to have these lore-friendly mods installed: IVPack, RDE, Dispatch of Variety, DispatchWorks, VanillaWorks Extended and World of Variety. Do I have to install them in a certain order or can I install in any order?

  • @OrangeFr3ak I don't recommend DOV, DispatchWorks and WOV. WOV is really good but can be a bit buggy and cause your game to crash sometimes. DOV and DispatchWorks aren't needed if you're gonna install RDE. So yeah, just install IVPack, RDE and VanillaWorks and you should be good to go.

  • Alright then, but do I need a compatibility fix for both IVPack and RDE? I'm not sure if RDE would overwrite any vehicle from IVPack.

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