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What Is YMAP???

  • What Is YMAP???How to install??What script is required??THX!!!

  • I to need the same. Can't believe there's no tutorial as GTA 5 modders usually like to explain and teach?
    I can't get ANYTHING to work. I had Map Editor figured out ez. But ymap is either so simple or I'm doing one thing wrong. So I hope we both get answers!
    I posted on GTA 5 Forums also. Will let you know if I hear something..


    @femmef said in What Is YMAP???:

    What Is YMAP???How to install??What script is required??THX!!!

    There's an old Buddhist saying: "When the student is ready, the teacher will come." So, I guess you guys aren't ready yet. :P

    I only say that half in jest, btw, as your questions seem to indicate you don't even have a clue (which is probably why no one bothered to reply yet). I won't be a total dick about it, though, and help set you on your way a bit.

    YMAP are GTA V's native maps: they define objects and positions, to form an entire map (and sometimes contain cargens, to generate certain traffic in certain areas). They're like Map Editor maps, only blistering fast, load-time wise, and don't appear affected by size (unless you go out of bounds on the game's overall limits, of course).

    YMAP's require a certain DLC structure to run in. Use and examine ME2YMAP, for all your YMAP needs. That should get you going. If not... see my first paragraph.

  • @meimeiriver

    I unsterdand!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    thanks very much!!!

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