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Cystom animation tool.

  • hello I am looking for a tool to make animations. since there is still a demand here for making custom animation inports and exports. of animations hope that someone can make this. I have requested a mod where a lot of custom animation should be made. and to learn how to experiment with animation yourself. can someone make this?

    hope this could become a possibility.

    as with gta iv and san andreas others fighting styles for example?

    Greeting Maikel Henraath..

    sorry for me bad english am Dutch

  • @maikel530 as of now it is impossible for custom animations to be implemented into gta 5 this is due to ingame animation files having other information such as props and cut scene informationy

  • Too bad stupid gta haha ​​that they have secured it.would be great if there is a possibility.
    Will probably take a long time before this would become an opportunity.

  • This was possible back in the GTA4 modding days but they didn't use (I recall) LCD files like GTA5 did and still does.

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