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Some questions about mods and multiplayer

  • Hi im pretty new to moding things and im just curious about photographing in GTA V me and my friend want to do some nice shoots with RP emotions and character desings so my point is can we do a modded private lobby to use mods.
    Btw we have game on steam thats the second question is there any chance to get banned ?

  • your best bet is probably a FiveM private server.

  • @Max i know some FiveM servers but can i create a server ?
    and cars are expensive on rp servers

  • @kifune expensive on rp server only ? car in gta online cost as much than buying gta V if you compare shitcards price ( yeah it cost more to model a vehicle than create an entire game it seems xD)
    Else for creating server yes it's possible but you should go on FiveM website to get more info about this

  • @Shaezbreizh well we have good looking cars on Online but not on rp servers and we dont wanna waste time buying them i will check FiveM website thanks

  • Well i downloaded and made my server but my friend couldn't join i did port forwarding and fivem key btw.
    last question i couldn't find any rp mods such as emotes and some cars, poses.
    I found one it called Emote 1.0 installed but it seems doesnt work.
    Thanks for your help

  • @kifune for FiveM related thing it's better to ask on their forum

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