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Dilemma regarding 3 peds I had a well known modder make whose disappeared & can't get a hold of him.

  • I've been a patreon supporter of several well known and popular ped makers, modders here. One in particular has made me 3 peds (Killer Frost, White Canary from the CW Show) and Ultraman (Japanese character). While I paid him $ for them, I requested him to share them with his patreons as well as the GTA5-Mods.com members. I felt very strongly that even though they were created because I paid for them, I wanted them to be publicly shared because I believe many people would appreciate them as I have.

    The modder who made my peds, and was 'in the process' of making 3 more peds for me stopped communicating. Not just with me, but with everyone--no one has been able to get a hold of him. He's vanished. I know he was busy with school but its seriously unlike him to vanish and not respond---he was putting out 3-5+ peds on his patreon site alone if not more a month.... He said he'd release them but never got around to it and now he's unreachable. I've tried for over a month and a half to reach him. I've actually spoken to several other modders who might know him & none of them have been able to reach him either... I don't like thinking the worse, but I hope he's okay and nothing serious happened to him.

    The modder who made me my 3 peds, and was making 3 more, is/was GTAV-KWABZ and most likely you have many of his public peds in your library of characters as he was one of the top ped makers in the past year--his patreon page was equally as popular and many of those peds were supposed to eventually be made public someday but that's not for me to intervene on. I'm only concerned about the peds he made me, that I paid for. He had NO problem with them being released and said he would.

    I want to release these 3 peds but feel I shouldn't do it under my name as I am not the one who created it. Can the people who run this site, or moderate this site, release it under his account so he gets the credit he so much deserves. I have plenty of email proof that I paid for these mods & they're not stolen work. I just want to share them because I think they're great peds & no one has made these 3 characters before.

    What would you all do? What should I do? What can the moderators here do to help release these peds so they can be released with his account being given the credit?

    Here's screen shots of what he's made me...

    White Canary
    Sara Lance/White Canary

    Killer Frost, not from the Flash TV Show, unfortunately. She's from the comic books I assume.
    alt text

    Ultraman (I rememeber him from the 1970s, comics as well as television show on Saturday mornings as a kid if I am not mistaken). This one is really cool as he has light up parts at night.

  • I would also like to add, the models were from DeviantArt.com and were obtained there with the XNALara community). I can definitely list who I got those from as well...if needed.

  • Moderators shouldn't and don't upload mods without permission, whether or not it's on the user's account. If he comes back you can try to get him to upload them, otherwise for now they should be for you and only you.

  • Well I do have a text from him via Patreon that cooberates that I was free to do with them as I wish--having anyone have them...

    As a graphic designers, yes, I agree that he should control it...yet if he is never coming back (worse case scenario) then its an extremely disappointing that these awesome peds I paid for, was told I am free to do with as I see fit, and as a graphic designer I also see that as a waste of great art.

    Just frustrating, I guess, these are GREAT peds. He was also making me a Black Canary which I never got...and a the rest were just random asian girls like Momihot in this really cool battle outfit I saw on DeviantArt.com...



    White Canary looks nice indeed

  • @vendetta1969 If you have permission to do what you wish with the models then you are free to upload them on your account, as long as you credit the author and follow all other uploading rules.
    Moderators should not upload on a user's behalf without permission though.
    If you are going to upload them on your account could you PM me or another moderator with a picture of proof? Thanks.

  • Okay, done.

    I made a video of the lengthy chats I had with him. I highlight where I say they should be public (the White Canary one is absolutely fantastic.). You will see his response right after that. I highlighted that too. I am making the video public for total transparency..



  • There was no way to cleanly take photos as these were long conversations & I didn't want any attempt at someone saying they were faked.. Video was my only option..


  • @vendetta1969 Eight dollars?!? That is all you thought his time was worth, LOL. Not trying to make you feel bad, but if it were me, I would have felt insulted. What that ped modder did was not something you can do in a few minutes time, LOL

  • @eshenk

    That's the price he's asking---I have given him more on a few of them...but he's the one keeping it at $8... I have even offered him $20 a ped and he's kept it under $10...

    Anyway he is back & will be releasing those peds to his patreon page soon and then eventually to GTA5-Mods...

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