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Lowrider DLC cars install

  • Not sure if I'm in the right section but here goes.....

    I'm using version 1.26 and found most of the DLC car pack add-ons but there was never one for the lowrider update so I downloaded every single DLC patch/update from the Multifive website and just started tinkering. I replaced the Primo with Primo2 and then the Peyote with Faction2. Haven't tried the faction yet.

    I managed to successfully install Primo 2 and even went as far as including the modifications for it. The car loads in fine no crashes but all the extra parts aren't there. I need help with that portion.

    I can send, whom ever doesn't mind helping me with this, the progress I have done. There is no handling gameconfig or dlclist xmls. It's just a straight replace vehicle mod.

  • @GetTheClicker Even pirated versions are updated beyond 1.26, why don't you update?

  • Build 350, online 1.26. I have both actually. My legit straight from best buy with all 7 discs just won't install anymore. I don't know where I went wrong but my serial no longer works. It doesn't matter because I got the lifetime ban for giving and taking too much money with the trainers. After a few weeks of BS I then downloaded the pirate version. So I play offline peacefully with all the mods I want.

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