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Game Crashing soon after loading in...

  • I've had this problem for almost a month now idk what is causing it could this have something to do with it?

    [2018-04-26 15:02:24.929] [WARNING] Device lost.
    [2018-04-26 15:02:24.929] [WARNING] Resetting device...
    [2018-04-26 15:02:24.968] [WARNING] Reset failed with D3DERR_DEVICELOST.

    If you need more let me know.


    @COD-MASTER-123 my log has that same error except mines crashes on the loading screen. @Cyron43 said it was related to the graphics card being lost and he suggested running the game as administrator. Didn’t work for me but try it anyway

  • @Reacon @COD-MASTER-123

    You guys could try and lower the directx setting in your profile.xml (located in Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V)

    Go to the line <DX_Version value="2" /> and change it to 1 and try and load your game again.


    @krissboo got it to work, something was wrong with mpheist cause I just replaced it and it worked

  • @Reacon Aight cool. Least you're up n running. Trouble with GTA V is there's so many fkn problems with it and even the same crash has different fixes.

  • @krissboo said in Game Crashing soon after loading in...:

    Aight cool.

    You're playing with Franklin too much (as I do). LOL :D

  • @Cyron43 xd xd That's just my street talk - gotta try and keep up with tha youth!!

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