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Is there a way to make a LOD go away?


    I was trying to remove a LOD, cs1_14b_props_combo20_15_lod, via a script. Game crashes.

    So, I read up a bit on it, and apparently you can't just delete a LOD like you would a regular prop (IPL for the LODS will get out of sequence, and all of that). So, if you can't really remove it (bummer), is there a way to set it invisible, maybe?




    @Southsde04 Someone else bumped my post, LOL; that's a new one. :)

    Anyway, while I'm at it, I can delete lod 15 from cs1_14b_props_combo20 manually, of course, easy-peasy, but I was looking for a way to do this with a script (so I can later share a map in which the lod needs to go).

  • @meimeiriver Yeahhh I See What Yu Mean Or Even An ASI


    @Dekurwinator said in Is there a way to make a LOD go away?:

    @meimeiriver to avoid messing with lods hierarchy maybe try to change z coords to minus (place it underground)?

    Good thinking! Thx. :)

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