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Can't Install Mods

  • I have problems with installing mods, the mod i tried to install is menyoo but I have script hook v, script hook v dot NET but the menyoo menu still does not work could someone please help me?

    I'm using version 1365 non steam from rockstargames.net

    Thanks TwitchOzzie

  • anybody?

  • Connect your game to internet, let it download all necessary updates for your ultra-old version, and everything will to work fine with Scripthook and Menyoo.

  • @MetaGTA That is terrible advice to give someone - he/she, like I, intentionally keep the versions we have, because we don't want to update. It sounds to me that this person is trying to use a newer version of menyoo, that of course would be unsupported on his version of the game. This person @TwitchOzzie will need to find an older version of menyoo that is supported by your version of the game. Google it, there are other sites out there that will offer such a version for download.


    @eshenk said in Can't Install Mods:

    That is terrible advice to give someone

    I would say it's actually 'normal' advice, as, 9/10, ppl are trying to use Menyoo et al. with outdated ScriptHookV* stuffz.

    It's not impossible to run with a slightly older setup. In fact, I do it all the time, whenever a new update is out (I tend to wait a few weeks until everything is reportedly 'safe' for use again). But yeah, then it means you need to keep the older versions of Menyoo and such.

    Also, the OP needs to ensure he didn't update his ScriptHookV* stuff, whilst keeping his old install, as that's a sure recipe for disaster too.

  • @eshenk "I'm using version 1365 non steam from rockstargames.net" != "I just want to use version 1365 non steam from rockstargames.net"

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