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Car mods not working properly with NaturalVision.

  • Hello! I'm fairly new to modding myself and I ran into a pretty annoying issue.

    I've been playing singleplayer with car mods before and it really enhances the experience and makes it a lot more fun.
    So for this playthrough I decided to install "NaturalVision" and another mod called "CityLights YMap". Both of the mods are running amazingly well and the game looks great.

    Now on top of this I have installed some car mods, but every single one either has a flickering paintjob or they are stuck with tinted windows +┬┤headlights/taillights.

    I'm getting extremely frustrated, I cant figure out how to fix this been swapping gameconfigs and changing the tint value from the vehicles.meta with no success. Like I mentioned I am really new to modding and could really use some help how to sort this out.


    // Bill

  • https://i.imgur.com/zJaXitW.jpg
    here is what all my mods will look like.

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