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OPEN IV - msvcr120.dll

  • I installed GTA and it worked perfectly and I threw it for months. Now I installed some MODS, I followed the tutorials and downloaded "OPEN IV 2.9.2", opened "ASI Manager" and installed the 3 items "ASI Loader" - "Open IV.ASI" - "openCamara" and when I will open the game it gives the following problem missing "msvcr120.dll" and the game opens, but it does not start, it shows that it is loading and is eternally loading.

    but when I open OPEN IV and remove "ASI Loader" - "Open IV.ASI" - "openCamara" the game reopens normally.

    How can I solve this?

  • I tried to download the "msvcr120.dll" and install it in the "SYSTEM32" folder as seen in some tutorials but to no avail.

  • @coimbrajp You need either Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable package or Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 redistributable package. I'm not quite sure ( @ikt ?). Look in your installed software list (open "My Computer", where you see all the storage devices. There's a "Uninstall or change program" entry at the top right of the menu) and look which one is missing. Get them here (choose the proper language):
    Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

    Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

    Note: If you miss both it doesn't harm if you install both.

  • gave almost kkkk right, missing the error, it opens the game but remains in the "loading story mode" forever.

  • @coimbrajp said in OPEN IV - msvcr120.dll:

    gave almost kkkk right

    What? Anyway what about the C++ redistributables I mentioned?
    alt text

  • @Cyron43 There is an extra "k" in there, so I don't think it's what you are thinking, LOL. Is it just me or do we need a "grammar doctor"? Cause almost everything I read here is damn near illegible, LOL.

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