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Mod Ideas?

  • Yep, as always I am out of ideas. Seriously someone please give me a good idea. It has been too long since I have done anything gta v modding related so an idea would really help. :) also look at my current mods just so you can see what my current abilities are. But I am not doing mapping and that's final.

  • I would love to have franklin being able to Play tennis. Can you make that happend? I Will donate if anyone can make a great result:)

  • Banned


    Make a mod that adds special police units that spawn at various wanted levels


    1 star:
    normal cops

    2 stars:

    normal cops

    3 stars:

    normal cops + heli

    4 stars:

    NOOSE + rappeling heli + SWAT with a minigun :P

    5 stars:

    2 SWATS with miniguns, Fib agents with assault shotguns and all LSPD and LSSD officers become very rare and you only see special units and (insert your customized dispatch.meta spawns).

    Also people should customize the special cops with a config.

    hope you liked my idea :)

  • We Just Need LC IN GTA 5 BOTTOMLINE @Derpy-Canadian

  • @Southsde04 Apparently you didn't read his post. He explicitly said no map requests.

  • @Southsde04 for starters that is 100% illegal and second as Jitnaught said I said no maps. Maps are just boring to make

  • @Jitnaught @Derpy-Canadian I m Just Fknn With Yall I sAW What Yu Said But what i said was a statement not a request I Play & Mod Gta 4 Now Been For About A Month GT5 Is Dead;,( RIP

  • I would love to see a RX7 sanvanna with the FH3 cosmetics

  • @Derpy-Canadian I would love to see a reputation mod where when you gather bad reputation (destroy something, kill innocent peds) a bounty is set on you and a hitman will try to kill you. Something similar to GTA online. You can expand this even more, so there are other peds which will gain bad reputation and you can kill them for a bounty.

  • @Derpy-Canadian well if you can, then a mod that remplace ped by animals and animal by ped would be pretty fun xD

  • @Southsde04 That's completely off-topic. Deleted.

  • @Jitnaught srry;.) But Atleast Yu Saw lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Derpy-Canadian https://p3dm.ru/files/characters/human/10377-asian-girl.html to replace michaels old beat up looking maid would be nice. lol

  • Well...why not make a improved los Santos airlines mod. Book a flight at the airport and board the plane (would be cool if add ons were included)
    Anyway, like the Idea?

  • @DyntoNL I am not that experienced at scripting. Plus I would need the originals code if I wanted to even start somewhere

  • @Derpy-Canadian ah okey no problemo. I was just wondering

  • How about some Hot Wheels World Race/Acceleracers themed car mods?

  • @Derpy-Canadian Two ideas:
    a) A mod which, when activated, make guns leave blood splatters on places where it is shot at (ideally stun gun since it won't leave bullet holes). The way I see it it's like when you shoot at walls, cars, roads or whatever, it will leave blood splatter on them. For now the only way to do that is by spawning a ped and killing them and shooting their dead bodies, but even that it's really hard to achieve the effect I wanted...
    b) Perhaps this one is easier, make fully black blazers (not the shirt inside) and pants for all three characters. As far as I remember Trevor doesn't have black suits and pants, Michael and Franklin do, but it's not dark enough... I'm talking about black with color hex #000000. I wanted to edit it myself but can't find the file location, and I doubt I know how to edit it the textures... And uhh, make black and red ties for both Michael and Franklin, since Trevor doesn't seem to have ties...
    I hope editing texture is easier lol. Thanks in advance!

  • hi make a mod for horn and high beam combination so like npc s when driving head to head toward them use high beam + horn

  • A Lincoln navigator would be awesome.

  • I want a very simple one, i tried to make it but it never worked :/
    Its like make Ped start bleeding to death after certain amount of damage is done ( health below 70% ? Then their health decrease 5% every second)
    I really want this to be in the game.... so if ye free can ye plz help :D

  • Battlefield: Los Santos

  • @Alphaharrius
    Not sure if this is what you're looking for but this mod (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/gsw-gunshot-wound) has some type of bleed system.

  • @Shaezbreizh That's hilarious. Are you sure that doesn't exist already, like in a trainer for example menyoo? You would only need a few lines of code for this.

    Edit: Not so sure anymore. A quick search only gave me void SET_PLAYER_MODEL(Player player, Hash model) but no corresponding native in the ped namespace.

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