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No blood at all. Please!

  • Hey! I'm sort of new to modding and I want to make GTA V fun, but also Family friendly.

    I would love for the player for example, to fall off of a bike, and still go into ragdoll mode, without blood particles. I already know how to adjust the FamilyFriendlyFreeRoaming file so this can happen, but blood particles, and scrapes of blood still show up. I have downloaded the No blood mod but that only removes blood from the player.

    I have adjusted multiple blood files in OpenIV by changing textures, but most of those textures are only for blood appearing on cars or jets, which i have already removed.

    Some assistance on this would really be appreciated. Thanks!

  • There are quite a few who wants this feature. I know because I've got many requests. I'm only into into scripting though. But I did look into it briefly once but only found some of the textures which needs to be turned transparent .

  • gta 5 is not meant to be "Family friendly"

  • @Shorta That's why there are mods.

  • @R3QQ Whats the point lol when you buy gta what do you expect? the game is known for being violent and has alot of death if you wanted a family friendly game play minecraft

  • @Shorta Show me a family friendly game with the same or better graphics and physics as GTAV, in which you can roam freely and explore a huge map (and even get more maps with mods) with vehicles like cars, bikes, planes etc and do activities like golf, darts, arm wrestling, bowling, tennis, yoga. Or go skydiving, scuba diving, try to obeying the traffic rules, do taxi missions, get a haircut, do air races, bike races, land races and even water races.

    More requirements: do the equivalent to what for example these mods let you do: JobsV [.NET], Trucking Missions, Animal Ark Shelter, Vehicle Remote Central Locking, Single Player Apartment, Super Yacht, Working Restaurants, Travel to North Yankton, Nice Fly, Los Santos Airlines, Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership.

    I don't know about any other family friendly game capable to anything close to what GTAV offers (with the family friendly mod installed of course). Certainly not minecraft. But if you know of any, please share.

    However what OP wants is to keep the ragdoll animations but remove the blood particles. For this you need to modify game files.

  • @R3QQ I'm aware I need to go into game files, I just need to know what files I need to adjust, I already know how to adjust, and make textures transparent. If you know what files need to be changed, and where they are located, that would be great.

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