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Trouble Relocating a Lighting Prop

  • Forgot to save my favorite props list after deleting an old directory and lost a few really, really good lighting props.
    They don't have a physical object attached to it. Just light. It's great for emitting light from cell phones and it even shows up in the R*Editor.
    There's about a dozen of them - I combed through the props list twice and they didn't jump out at me, even though I'd recognize the tag if I saw it - I suppose I could have missed them, but I suspect they may not be in the props list (?)


    @House-Rushton Why don't you just roll one yourself? :) Just export something like apa_mp_h_lit_lightpendant_05b with OpenFormat (OpenIV), and use/edit the 'Light' section from the odr (and sub-dir, of course) to add to any object of your choice (which you then import into the game again).

    I did that for my own fancy home too: just added lightsources to an 'invisi-prop' (one that won't show up in a ymap, but can be seen and handled when spawned in, say, Menyoo, for easy positioning).

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