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Vehicle modifications are messing up bad! NEED HELP!

  • I recently just started modding cars into gta v and i have most of the basics down but for some reason all the mods i place on any car now are out of place/discolored/missing/etc. It wasn't doing this at first it was fine. i completely uninstalled and reinstalled, added the mustang i had back in and now its messing up like before the reinstall (wing inside back glass bumper invisible) someone please help, modding cars in ins't even enjoyable like this :( ---p.s. This isn't for the base cars I add the base model is fine! it's only when i try to use a different bumper, wing, hood, etc.---

  • @brandonlee65061

    'carcols.ymt/.meta' controls modifications (spoiler, bumper, upgrades etc). Sounds like you replaced a vanilla car with the mustang but have the original vanilla car's carcols values.

    Find out in which carcols.ymt/.meta the vanilla car's settings reside & make sure they are identical to the carcols settings the mod author has in the mustang's readme :thumbsup:

    Tip: You can search in OpenIV by pressing Ctrl + F3 together. Try searching for 'carcols.ymt' or 'carcols.meta', extract/search them for the name of the vanilla car you replaced (if indeed you did so) & see what you find.

  • Thanks! Back when it happened i was going back through a mess of mods trying to figure out which mod caused it but never could. I honestly didn't expect to get a reply to this so i appreciate that. Gonna go see if i can fix this lol

  • :thumbsup: Best of luck. Let me know how you get on.

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