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[Idea] Reputation for users

  • How about allowing other users to give reputation points to other users?

    E.g. An author consistently puts out good mods, give them a +1 reputation point. Someone is hateful or annoying, you can give them a -1 reputation point.

    This also could be a way of earning money from the site, allowing only premium users (who pay, for example, a one time fee of $2-$5) to give +1/-1 points, while free users can only give neutral reputation comments.


    Just a small idea I had :)

    Similar to the system found on many forum sites.

  • @FelixTheBlackCat I don't see any point to the system, and the idea to capitalize on the system is atrocious in my opinion.



    We already have a karma system, though any karma system is completely useless in my mind. Constructive posts should be able to stand on themselves without leaning on the reputation of the poster.

    Discriminating between paying users and free users is disgusting. The modding community is already discutable as-is, with paid exclusive mods and paid GTA:O cheating, there's absolutely no reason to make this place as toxic as the rest by throwing in money-for-reputation.

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