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Disable RagePluginHook console?

  • Well, I tried to change the hotkeyto the console but it don't work, I have already installed Enhanced Native Trainer and F4 key it's in conflict with console, any way to disable it?

  • @R3dSt0rm said in Disable RagePluginHook console?:

    Enhanced Native Traine

    I don't have Enhanced Native Trainer installed; but I bet that if you do a wee bit of RTFM, its manual will tell you how to change the activation key.

  • @R3dSt0rm What do you mean you tried? Did you or did you not change the key in the settings? When I called the settings at starting RPH I changed the key to F11 and it works.


    You can disable it in the settings for RPH, it says something about disable DirectX and it disabled the console

  • Have you also tried asking in the RPH forums/discord since it's their product?

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