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Need help converting from CSR Racing 2

  • Are there any tutorial or any guide on how to edit and convert cars from csr racing 2? Recently i've really craved some certain vehicles to mess around with and thought i'd have a go at trying myself. I have no previous experience in modding GTA V or any GTA for that matter. Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Reazul you need ninjaripper
    1.download bluestack(i dont remember but this is IT i think)
    2 download CSR
    3.download ninja ripper
    But you'll need created textures this is Simple somtimes ninja have good textures or Bad textures but you'll can Fix this in paint.net change RGB (Red green blue)
    If this is first you mod you can download model if you want help in unpack some games write to me i help you best i can
    And this is all good luck☺️

  • @szatanowygosciu I did follow and managed to extract a car from csr racing 2, but i'm all messed up with the textures. I don't know how to work with textures and fix them and in end how to convert the the file in .ydr format. I'm using 3ds max btw for the 3d model. Could you help me more? Like a detailed video or anything that'd help. Thank you.

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