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Redux physics without actually installing Redux

  • Hey guys,
    somewhat new to the modding community and hoping you can help!

    I like the way Redux plays (cars breaking quicker, cops being smarter, girl cops, gun sounds, fire texture etc... but I don't like the lagginess, the shaders being too dark or light, puddles with no car reflection??? and things like that.

    SO my question is, what mods can I get that will let me play the game like redux without the shaders. and without actually installing it. is it possible? I heard that the redux developer stole a bunch of mods and made redux with them? also are what are your recommendations for shader mod? NV?

    If there is already a thread on this i apologize for making another one. you can leave the link.

    Thanks guys!

    My specs are decent (gtx 1060 6gb. 3770k, and 32gb ram.) and redux was still a little choppy (i do have some car mods in there and may have exceeded the limit there (yes i installed config)


    @kingsavio considering they’re stolen mods, they’ll be found somewhere. I’m not sure myself but if you do some digging around you’ll find them

  • @Reacon Ill do some digging around, any ideas of what mods are what?


    @kingsavio try searching gun sounds on the main site

  • @kingsavio You need to not go through with the OIV install. Open the downloaded rar manually, and drag and drop all files to their respective locations MINUS any of the timecycle, weather related files. View the content.xml file if not certain where said files go. Then install either natural vision or damned-enhancer graphics.

  • @eshenk
    Thanks! that makes sense. Is it pretty difficult to do that? to manually install redux? will the content .xml file tell me where to put things? and I'm assuming the time cycle and weather files hold the shaders etc? and then which looks better, the damned enhancer or natural vision? sorry for all these questions.

  • @kingsavio Ok, I believe the way Romito has the files setup, is that they are actually set inside the actual path directory that will correspond with the same structure within OpenIV, i.e., update/update/common/data, update/update/common/data/ai, update/update/common/data/effects and so on. So it's an easy task really. Same sequence with other files from other x64 archives, so you are just copying what OIV would do, but manually. I used Damned enhancer for 2 1/2 years only recently switching to NVR. NVR is the only graphic enhancer I ever used that I thought could compete with Damned Enhancer, which is so very undervalued. I used NVR, but thought that the cloudhats were a bit underwhelming, so I downloaded the realism mod, and used their cloudhats which is much better. Damned enhancer is less demanding but nearly as sharp looking as NVR IMHO. If you do use Damned enhancer, make sure to use his bonus shader included in his DL, and turn gamma down until you can barely see the "R", so that your nights are nice and dark.

  • @eshenk awesome. thanks for the help man i appreciate it

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