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Three years later and people are still downloading this every day.

  • Several months ago I reported a so-called mod called HD Texture Overhaul Project 0.1b. 16 thousand plus people have installed a mod that does nothing, LOL. In my report I succinctly conveyed how in the ytd texture file, everything is exactly the same except it has 1 extra 4k texture that isn't even in the original file. - im_ground_dirt004.dds, which means the game engine itself doesn't even load it! Last I checked, three hours ago someone downloaded this, and probably thinks their game is SO much better looking, LOL.

  • OC made a little, late april fools joke haha

  • @eshenk @Pr0trikk ??? I'm confused here. What mod and who's making an April fools joke?

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