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Hey i need small help in my project and one mod

  • Hey i need small help in my project beqouse to many work for one person:)
    i need coder and somone who help me with models like i say i have to many work :warning: material is already to work more info priv :)

  • @szatanowygosciu So others are supposed to do all the work but you are the one who takes credit for it. Good luck with finding someone who is dumb enough to do it. And while we're at it. How much do you pay?

  • @Cyron43 ehh.. no i dont pay for this.. if you create mods only for money i see this black It changed terribly here.. i try give pepole mod for free but probably if i want cash for this it would be a lot and kids or other pepole probably cant buy this:) That's why it's for free, it's supposed to be pleasure and fun for modder.. I sacrifice my free time everyday

  • @Cyron43 and last the right to mod may everyone who participates in it and can make it available on their website on every page with credit with names of participants

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