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[VEHICLE] Bind lowrider simple like old GTA

  • Example It's impossible to the left at the same time turning left position but on GTA3/VC/SA It's possible. On GTA5, It blocks the movement straight and dark against the wall!

    If I remember too, can't enable all time the hydraulics, need push button to enable same press button for movement.

    I search a script or file modified for make more easy the lowrider like old GTA.


    PS: 4 Months not graphic card so I don't remember perfectly but very soon I get new GPU.

  • UP, my English is broken? It's not problem if I make a video example comparaison GTA V vs Old GTA about Lowrider bind.

  • Also we need an opportunity to hide in lowrider. R* has made impossible it, because hydraulic use this button. Fix it guys!

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