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Remove Vehicle Extras? (LSC+Shop Qs)

  • Rather than screwing with objects in zmodeler and potentially wrecking an entire vehicle or part of it, are there any alternatives to remove a vehicle's 'extra' object or at least control it in one of the XML files to prevent it from EVER spawning with extras unless you use a trainer or something?

    Side question- What controls whether or not vehicles can enter LSC? I got a car that really shouldn't be able to enter LSC but it can and I'd rather it not.

    Other side question- Can you add add-on vehicles to be purchasable from the in-game stores?

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob Objects? Maybe you meant to say "tuning parts"? If so, you can change modkits =0 to modkits = -1 in vehiclemodelsets.meta Your other question I won't even attempt to answer because no one forces you to drive said vehicles into LSC, LOL. You cannot make add-on able to be purchased in in-game store, but of course can be purchased from the Premium Car Dealership mod.

  • @eshenk sorry to clarify- I was looking to disable the spawning of or completely remove vehicle extra's for example: the drink cups in the interior or the junk in the trunk or tray of a pickup. Objects labeled as #Extra4 and stuff.

    I'll go see this dealership mod you speak of... I wanted to get access to my vehicles and other people's via a store rather than through a trainer.

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob That mod I speak of is made by ImNotMental - same guy who did the SPA mod. In his read-me he explains which file to add your add-on names to, so that when you go to the dealership said models will appear when rotating through various vehicles and such. The issue with props for ambient vehicles is controlled within conditionalanims.meta in update/update/common/data/ai - there may be something in there for you too look into - I notice you can alter probability of spawned props for different vehicle groups but am unsure of for the player. It may take you having to remove vehicle_generic_int_objects texture from vehshare.ytd - then those objects will definitely NOT spawn in your vehicle, LOL.

  • @eshenk thanks for all your help

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