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List of all the car compounds [Zmodeler]

  • Hello everyone,
    i'm just getting into gta5 car modding and i compiled a list with all the car parts and how you need to name them. I took the list from this site https://scrat-tech.fr/modding-gta-v/tutoriels-modding-gta-5/creer-vehicule-gta-v-tuto-complet/ (really helpful, check it out !). It is french so if you need it in english a bit more clear, here it is:

    Main body > bodyshell (if attached to the seats ignore bodyshell and name it chassis)
    Part containing the seats> chassis

    Left front wing > wing_lf
    Left rear wing > wing_lr
    Right front wing > wing_rf
    Right rear wing > wing_rr

    Hood > bonnet
    trunk > boot

    Front bumper > bumper_f
    Rear bumper > bumper_r

    Door front right > door_pside_f
    Door front left > door_dside_f
    Door rear right > door_pside_r
    Door rear left > door_dside_r

    Front windscreen > windscreen
    Rear windscreen > windscreen_r
    Left front window > window_lf
    Left rear window > window_lr
    Left middle window > window_lm
    Right front window > window_rf
    Right rear window > window_rr
    Right middle window > window_rm
    Other windows > misc_a (change letter for each; misc_a , misc_b , misc_c ...)

    Left headlight > Headlight_l
    Right headlight > Headlight_r
    Left taillight > taillight_l
    Right taillight > taillight_r
    Left front turn signal > indicator_lf
    Right front turn signal > indicator_rf
    Left rear turn signal > indicator_lr
    Right rear turn signal > indicator_rr
    Left rear brakelight > brakelight_l
    Right rear brakelight > brakelight_r
    Middle rear brakelight > brakelight_m
    Left reversing light > reversinglight_l
    Right reversing light > reversinglight_r
    Additional lights (highbeams)> extralight_1 ; extralight_2 ; extralight_3 ...

    Front left suspension > suspension_lf
    Front right suspension > suspension_rf
    Rear left suspension > suspension_lr
    Rear right suspension > suspension_rr

    Front left brake calliper > hub_lf
    Front right brake calliper > hub_rf
    Left rear brake calliper > hub_lr
    Right rear brake calliper > hub_rr

    Steering wheel> steeringwheel

    Spoiler > spoiler
    pistons > struts

    All the other elements being only static elements fixed to the vehicles ( license plate, antenna, luggage rack, engine, trunk interior ... etc ... ) do not need to have a specific name, name them by what they represent ( ex: plate_f for a license plate) just avoid the spaces between words and prefer short and simple names.

    The components named "extra_ + a different number each time" ("extra_1", "extra_2", "extra_5", ... ) will be activated / deactivated via a trainer ingame.

  • what about for motorcycles?

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