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How to make an Edit Dispatch.meta.

  • Are you bored seeing those Ugly Police Cruiser chasing you & you want Stanier & Buffalo to join the chase?

    Well, this Tutorials will tell how to do that.

    First, you need OpenIV and a copy of GTA V to work.

    First, thing is to go update.rpf/common/data and look for Dispatch.meta. They edit it and go and look for <Name>POLICE_CAR</Name> and look for police3, them copy the line and enter it to make a space. Now Paste it and after it been done, rename it to police2 or police. after doing that you are ready or you can do the Roadblock as well if you want to. Save it and start GTA5, get a wanted level city and want for them to response & it all done.

    If you want an add-on police car like Bravado Buffalo S LSPD or Cheval Fugitive LSPD, do the installing for the add-on car first, them do the step I did and it will work ( note: add-on car take a long time to response due to the fact they are new to the game ).

    Now you leam how to edit you Dispatch.meta.

  • Incredible. Now my fleet of new cop cars (and the poor left out Stanier and Buffalo) can join in on the action!

  • uhh hello, do you know how to change the ped?

  • and i changed modded dispatch meta and ped doesn't spawn (The Army Spawns at Five Stars) is the mod.someone help me!

  • @MasterFire
    Do you mean the dispatch vehicles spawn but they have no drivers? That is usually that either you have too much stuff going on in your 'dispatch.meta' (too many peds/too many vehicles) for the game to handle or sometimes it can be fixed with Dispatch 'Ghost' Fix.
    If it is something else then I am not sure. Best of luck :thumbsup:

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