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Script for more peds

  • We have a hard-coded limit for peds at 256. These 256 peds are spawned across an entire region rather than within X proximity of a player's position. That, IMHO, is really sh*tty because the only way we have to increase the ped densities is to decrease vastly the distance scaling. So we would have to compromise visual fidelity just to get a reasonable amount of ped spawns.

    Can someone with the skill write a script that will naturally place peds within X proximity of a player's position, with an ini allowing us to set the quantity of peds to our liking?

  • To add to that. This type of mod would be a very popular. If it was written to run as smooth as possible.

  • @Cass Given how few peds there are, I cannot believe this was not one of the first scripts ever written for this game. It's been three years - who thinks that a ped here or there is really cutting it, LOL.

  • Maybe a simple script which just teleports far away peds closer to the player? I think they will keep their AI tasks.

  • This post is deleted!

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