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Twitch / YT- Streamer using Redux on GTA-RP Server

  • Its sad to see those Streamer using Redux and not the original mods.(NVR,V5, LA Roads,...)

    Man kann also sagen dass diese Streamer mit ihrer Reichweite dafür sorgen das ein Teil der Modding Community aussterben könnte. (my english is very bad so i write it in german)

    I had to get rid of that
    if this post is against any Rule of this Forum pls delete it

  • @MaxLuk Uhm...was there supposed to be a point made here?

  • they promote a mod that has stolen content from this site
    authors put mutch effort in their mods and people who could make those mods more popular are using redux.
    i am shure this topic has been discussed mutch here, so most of you dont want to talk about it anymore.

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