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MP DLC Packs problem - advice required, please :D

  • Hello, guys! I have some problems with some MP DLC packs which aren't recognized by the game. For instance, "mpsmuggler" of "mpimportexport", which have some vehicles I would like to use them are not working properly. If I try to spawn them using any trainer I get something like "invalid model". I noticed that these packs and 2-3 others aren't in the "dlclist.xml", so that's why I get the invalid model message. But when I add them to the dlclist.xml, the game crashes.

    I have the 1.41 version, I have the lastest OpenVI, the latest Scripthooks, all required system files need to make the trainers, spawners and scripts to work. I do have the mp object unlocker, I even added the MP vehicles in SP script. Yet I can't to uses anything from these packs.

    I guess that there might be some problems with packs themselves, but I have no idea what problems there might be. I have to admit I'm using a cracked version of the game. Maybe that's the problem. I don't know.

    But if there's any of you who might give me a hint on how to use the vehicles in these dlc packs, it would be great.

    Thanks for you time and cheers.

  • @Stampede What version of the game are you using? Steam, retail or pirate?

  • @krissboo I think I mentioned, cracked, so yes pirate. The reloaded cracked version

  • @Stampede Ok, then the only way we can help you here is if you buy the game. We don't discuss or help pirate versions. Sorry!!

  • @krissboo Ok. Sorry for making you waste your time, friend! That's unexpected. But I guess I was asking to much :relieved:

  • @Stampede Nah it's cool bro, It's just the rules of the forum.

  • @krissboo Sorry to keep coming back. But before they made the rules, did anyone considered, that there might be poor kids, living their lives in orphanages and using giveaway old laptops?! But I guess that there are more ways to take a candy from a baby.


    @Stampede said in MP DLC Packs problem - advice required, please :D:

    @krissboo I think I mentioned, cracked, so yes pirate. The reloaded cracked version

    You gotta be kidding me!


    We don't allow discussions about pirated game versions here, sorry.

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