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Disappearing Map Blips

  • After I installed OpenInteriors some map blips such as ammunation has completely disappeared while others like clothes and barber shops are still there however, when i enter the shop and exit the related Blip disappear.
    Any idea how to fix such issue. Thanks in advance

  • @OneShotDown The game can only render a restricted amount of blips. There is no way to fix it.

  • @Cyron43 I see.....thanks for the info buddy

  • @OneShotDown It is true what Cryon43 told you, BUT....in the ini file you have control over which blips will appear. You can, for example, have convenient stores disabled, also interiors that are glitchy. This will free up room for default blips to appear. OAI should really only be used AFTER story-mode is completed.

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