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Alternative to Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership?

  • First of all, no disrespect to Mental, he is a fantastic modder and creates incredible world improving mods.

    So that dealership mod is great. I love it and now can fulfill my dreams of having online vehicles and even addon cars purchasable in-game rather than having to use my trainer as often now.

    I do though have one minor issue though, having the vehicles spawn within the building is fine and all but some of the bigger vehicles have some camera issues or just don't fit within.

    Is there another mod similar to this where the vehicles would spawn outside in a parking lot or space big enough to be able to pan a camera around or not get stuck in a roof?

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob Evidently, you do not realize that his mod comes with an ini allowing you to configure it so the vehicles spawn outside of the dealership, LOL.

  • @eshenk I went through the config, I cannot see anything that relates to where the vehicle spawns... Unless that config is there so that you can add settings to it?

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob Uhm....it's been a LONG time since I used that mod....the option though was there. What I remember now, is that when you approached the door, a prompt would come up, giving you the option to go inside OR to have vehicles display outside.

  • @eshenk I go inside the shop, approach a desk and all it says is to press E to view vehicles... I was thinking about somehow moving the vehicle viewing outside in the parking lot.

    (Well this is dumb I need to wait 600 seconds just to post...)

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob 600 sec? It's because your rep is too low. Once you reach a certain rep, wait times no longer apply. Ok, so it sounds like that feature may have been removed since the last time I used it. A search for that mod on google will take you too sites hosting older versions I believe. Also, recently in the scripts section, I believe I saw a mod that allows you to spawn all vehicles outside.

  • @eshenk Thanks for the help man. I'll cross my fingers and hope Mental sees my comment in his mod and sheds some light on this.

    Maybe I could try to create my own dealership somehow...

    I always had this vision of making a plane, helicopter, boat and car and truck vendor.

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob Did you try the link I provided to you?!?

  • @eshenk Yeah, just downloaded. Is this just a car viewer thing?

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob Haven't used it, but it seems that will suit your needs for now. Just try it.

  • Loading into GTA V now... Ill see what I can do...

    EDIT: Hmmm I think mine is a bit buggy, I don't have a UI and the camera movement is a bit clunky.

    @eshenk Do you know of any tutorials on this site (or anywhere else) that I could follow to create my own vendor/shop?



    I appreciate the politeness to the modder in question! People can be rather rude. :)

    Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership is a fine mod to have; if, for nothing else, because it has the latest INMNativeUI.dll (newer than the one that comes with SPA).

    You do realize he distributes the source of Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership too, right? So, worst case, you may (but can) fiddle with the code yourself, and recompile it.

  • @meimeiriver I wish I could figure out how to do that... 2 problems:

    1. Finding out the files and parts within that controls where the vehicles are shown whilst browsing through them
    2. Recompiling it

    I figured who cares about editing it for now. Maybe Mental might change it in the future or someone else might do something similar. I spent all day trying to find out how to make a vendor/shop of my own but its almost like nobodies documented it nor does it exist on the internet.

    I don't get why people are so rude in general. I'll fire back if someone fires shots at me, but I prefer to treat people how I would like to be treated (with respect)- some would rather be rude I guess though. Modders should always be respected for putting time and effort into mods they release to the public.

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