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[Add-on Maps] Test Drive 2000 (PS2) maps

  • So I was trying to make a map on GTA5 with Menyoo, and I happen to be very unmotivated and tired in doing so and I have no props to help compensate for buildings (not all prop mods support YMAP conversion) and so I ask, as a favor, if anybody can port the maps from Test Drive 2002

    I'm mainly looking for San Francisco and Tokyo (the kind of city that I was originally trying to build) but London and Monte Carlo are optional, too. London would be a great addition as many people here seem to enjoy UK themed mods so I had a hunch people would like London as a map.

    Here's some videos regarding the 4 cities:

    San Francisco:



    And Monte Carlo:

    I'm only needing San Fran and Tokyo as they were supposed to be in a machinima I was planning for but since I'm lazy at building cities via in-game props and that I suck with using the Cunning Stunts tracks, I figured just porting a pre-existing map would do.

    If streetlights can be added I'd like them to be more like the streetlights in Los Santos, where they cast shadows and light properly.

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