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How to change Trainer Menu Key

  • Re: how to change simple trainer menu open key?

    I figured out how to change the Trainer menu key, go to the main chat that im replying to and read the comment Frisky said, after come back here.

    You can notice that it says:

    MenuKey=114 //Enter Menu, Default F3
    HideMenuKey=115 //Hide Menu, Default F4

    if 114 is equal to F3 and 115 is equal to F4, shouldn't 116 equal F5? I tried and it worked, where it says HideMenuKey=115 //Hide Menu,Default F4, change it to say:

    HideMenuKey=116 //Hide Menu, Default F5

    Close GTA V (if open) and reopen. Should work :).

  • Yeah everyone else knows this already dude. You might have been busting to tell us you were in a chat with some dude calling himself "frisky", but that's your personal business - the rest of us don't care and have used this for years.

    Thanks for trying to help with an issue nobody has, but leave your relationships out of it.

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