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Car wheels motion blur on GTA5

  • Hello people! I've been working on a graphics enhancement mod lately, and there's something that I wanted to do for a long time.

    As you may know you can enable motion blur on GTA 5, the problem is, that there's no motion blur with the wheel spin of the cars.
    I've been doing some research about this topic but I haven't found anything useful at all, and I'm not sure if it's difficult or not to do it.
    So if somebody here knows anything about this and could help me I would be thankful.

    If you don't know what I'm referring to I added an image where you can see a screen shot from GTA 5 on the top and a screenshot from NFS Rivals on the bottom. Look at the wheels of the cars.

    alt text

  • Link of the image http://imgur.com/UQlITq1

  • You can't do this, sadly.

  • @CP said in Car wheels motion blur on GTA5:

    You can't do this, sadly.

    As he said because the spin blur you see in nfs rivals is relative to shutter speed and speed matching (eg. 10/1000 at maybe 30mph or 10sec at 5mph). GTA doesn't have anything like that so it won't work.

  • I actually got an idea how you could get this working. Duplicate the wheel(s), make them slightly bigger than the original wheels and assign your blurred texture to them. Name the duplicates extra_1, extra_2, etc. Now put every wheel with a blurred texture into the compound of the original wheel. Now you could make a script which makes the extra_x parts show from your desired speed and of course hide them again when you're slower than your desired speed.

  • @Oskar That's a good idea, but i'm not sure if that would look really good and it might take a lot of performance :/

  • That should work as fine as rotor blur on helicopters

  • @Oskar said in Car wheels motion blur on GTA5:

    That should work as fine as rotor blur on helicopters

    Hmmm indeed

  • @Oskar that sounds quite interesting... i didn't know it worked like this, i'll take a look tomorrow

  • @Oskar Can a script actually hide/show parts of a model? I'd like to know how! If it's not possible, then creating the wheel as a prop and removing it's collisions should be possible too.

  • @stillhere You can show and hide extra_x parts!

  • @Oskar I feel stupid, I just realized you were talking about extra car parts and not a physical bone of the car model haha :upside_down:

  • Maybe you can also try brake disc's glow orange with a separate alpha texture on the discs. Assign brake lights to them or something. O.o

  • Brakelights require a mesh to be there, so it would look weird as fuck to see the heat of the brakedisk there while not braking at all. The option would be extra part, which as far as i know are not able to carry lights or ID info.

    At common.rpf carcols, you can see tail light bone can be removed, but never put back on

  • @Vans123
    That's why I said make it an alpha texture. (select the faces of the front side of the disc and copy it then move it outwards slightly, turn it into an alpha texture) When it's none braking it'll be a silver/grey opacity texture making it semi transparent towards the real disc but if you paint the alpha mesh orange and apply a brakelight towards the mesh it should glow orange and not a strong orange but a light orange glow depending the opacity amount. Might need a script for the brakelights ID ect but I can't see why it's not possible.

  • Because they require ID to be applied at tail light dummy, and tail light dummy cant be placed under wheel hierarchy, if you assign tail light ID to any mesh that isnt compound of tail light dummy or any of the light entities existing in V, it wont be illuminated by emissive shader, even if you assigned emissive shader to the mesh

  • It doesn't have to be tail light or brake light. You just need to find a way to activate the glow with the brake button. Wheels are able to use light emissive in the V game engine as shown in this video..

    Granted its a bug but it shows that wheels are able to light up (glow) (maybe use the brake button to turn on and off neon discs?)
    I would attempt it myself but I don't do modding anymore, I create models instead. Up to you guys to try but I would say it's feasible.

  • Emissive shader can be used at any part of the vehicle, but thats it. Making use of properties like on off function is exclusive from light entities dummies, even if you found a way to make the emissive shader to turn on as you brake, you would need that part to be inside any of the light dummies to effectively do it. Which makes the next problem pop up, problem being that you cant put light dummies inside wheels as children, the game just skips them, doesnt render the dummy or the mesh that is compound of it

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