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Trackify access via script?

  • Hi guys, I got a sh*tload of ideas for trackify missions but unfortunately I haven't found anything yet regarding this. I'm not just talking about activating it on the phone but of course I also want to inject locations to search for via C# script.

  • All I'm asking for is some native functions. I can do the rest myself.

  • @Cyron43 I played around with it. I can get it to come up and set a single location. Had to borrow the code to get the handle for the phone scaleform from the iFruitAddon.
    If you look in the scripts "apptrackify" you can see how its done. The distance is calculated with a function.
    float func_13(int iParam0)
    fLocal_26 = SYSTEM::SQRT((((Global_4267332[iParam0 /3/] - vLocal_20.x) * (Global_4267332[iParam0 /3/] - vLocal_20.x)) + ((Global_4267332[iParam0 /3/].f_1 - vLocal_20.y) * (Global_4267332[iParam0 /3/].f_1 - vLocal_20.y))));
    return fLocal_26;
    if you put real numbers it will crash.

    I cant tell you why or how it works but this example should get you going.
    Just put it on key up to see it work.
    Good luck.

  • @aimless Yay thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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