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How to create a map

    • Install map editor
    • Install trainer
    • Load up game
    • Press F7
    • Enter map editor
    • Play around with it, and have fun
      (Have a nice summer break, everyone!)


    @SicKYT said in How to create a map:

    • Install map editor

    Wrong! :P

  • @meimeiriver Why WON'T that effing piece of sh*t just die a sudden death already?!? Hello? We have been in the age of ymaps for OVER a year now!


    @eshenk said in How to create a map:

    @meimeiriver Why WON'T that effing piece of sh*t just die a sudden death already?!? Hello? We have been in the age of ymaps for OVER a year now!

    Yes. I kinda said 'Wrong!' tongue-in-cheek, but there's so much more possible now in GTA V. Menyoo is much better for building, and CodeWalker is on the verge of being able to edit (MILO) interiors, and can do live scaling (while you're building), scenarios, etc. It's high time ppl got with the new!

    P.S. I still respect the author of Map Editor for having made it. And he did the community a great service doing so. But, by his own choice, he has stopped working on it a long time ago. Others have stepped in, and gone beyond where Map Editor could only dream of. Especially the ppl behind CodeWalker are ff-ing geniuses. And the more we support these newer tools, the more inclined these ppl will feel to continue.

  • @meimeiriver If I had the power to, I would remove it from this site, period. Too much potential is being wasted on antiquated tech, while so much more is possible with CW and the creation of ymaps - which BTW, is SO much less demanding than having to wait for map editor to spawn every damn prop AFTER the game is loaded. Nearly the whole damn community needs to wake up, and OPEN their eyes.

  • @meimeiriver Derpy-Canadian even did a small ymap featuring scenario peds spawning on top of props - that was 6 months ago, and you would think it would have inspired the community to make great things - but instead got NO attention at all, and we are getting over-run with these useless map editor maps. I dropped map editor as soon as I realized the limitations and how demanding it was on our PCs.


    @eshenk Indeed, I removed Map Editor from my system as well, the moment I learned how to emulate 'RemoveFromWorld' myself (the only thing I still needed ME for) -- ironically, in part, by studying the Map Editor source; and I resolved never to re-install it, ever again. It takes up to 10 minutes to load a map with hundreds of objects in it, after which it crashes your game, after all, or leaves it in a horribly unstable state. No, thank you!

  • 95% of all maps to this day still depend on map editor, when it should be the other way around. Ymaps didn't become a thing yesterday - it has been a year. If you check, it is only so often we get any ymaps - I actually have them all, so I know just how few there are. Fortunately the little there are, are actually pretty effing good.

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