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[SCRIPT] Vehicle Shop w/ big enough space

  • Hey guys, since I cannot find anything on the topic I cannot really do this myself as of yet.

    Could somebody whip up a quick shop thing similar to the Premium Deluxe Motorsport mod? Doesn't have to be anything too complex though, just an empty list that can display vehicle names and prices. I spent the past week making separate lists for every category of vehicle complete with every variant of vehicle, correct name, make and price.

    As for the space? I dunno. I always thought of having a marker in one of the LSIA hangers and have the vehicles display and spawn in the middle of them.

    Why make such a request? Well it would be great to have a shop where you could purchase any vehicle of any type and size. As for boats? Well I'm not too sure... Unless they spawn in the marina via a separate marker well that's a bonus.

    Otherwise, if anybody is experienced with this, mind pointing me in the right direction of how I can develop my marker/script shop thing from scratch?

    Your help will make me forever in your debt and I will gladly appreciate it.

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