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Add On Mod Creation

  • Good day all I am trying to make an add on version of one of my mods. I am using BMillans guide and nothing is working. It will spawn the vehicle and says it did but nothing appears. Any ideas?

  • So I tried downloading a newer Add On mod to use as an example and the same thing is happening. It says it spawned the vehicle in but nothing spawns and I do not teleport into a vehicle. Also with Simple trainer it shows as an added vehicle with the correct branding.

  • Tried a different Tutorial now aswell and I am crashing now. I can make the file downloadable if someone wants to take a look. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • I think the issue is with carvariations and carcols. Where do I find them for the base cars and how do I add them to an add on? Anyone have any idea?

  • I tried using a pretty simple add on mod and just replaced the ytds and yfts aswell as the handling and vehicles.meta just changed the names toi match the original mod I am usiing and it just crashes now. I have spent 30 ish hours now trying to get this to work. If no one can help me I am at the point where I am willing to pay someone money to make these

  • I think I finally have it! I downloaded CushinForDaPushin & bob322's Dually Sandking as it looked like a simpler mod than some I was finding. I swapped out the ytd and yft files for ones from the granger and changed the names to the ones of the dually sandking. It spawned in but had no sound. Edited the sound hash line of code to the one of the granger and that fixed it. Next I swapped all the names and it spawned in and registered as an SUV now!

  • This post is deleted!

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