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My last gasping plea for help

  • @eshenk You said you found errors in the popcycle.dat, I just opened it and found it incredibly long. I guess it would take hours to find anything. Would you mind telling me/us in which sections you found those errors?


    @BULLFAYCE said in My last gasping plea for help:

    I let my game run nightly using vautodrive and it works perfectly!!

    You wut!? You keep letting your game run overnight, using vautodrive (good thing someone appreciates @Cyron43 's mod :P). But, erm, Why?!?!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Cyron43 Move the page to the right. There were three regions that had math errors - one for sure was the Countryside. If you look you should notice that it has vehicles_onroad and vehicles_offroad, each with 45 only totalling to 90 when it should total to 100. I simply made vehicle_onroad to 55 There is one more like that, the final one though.....sorry bro that one I believe was near the bottom, but this was not quite as obvious as 45 and 45. If I have time later, I will get back to you with the exact region name.

  • @eshenk I got totally different numbers there. I don't want to derail this thread. So I made an extra one. -> https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/19299/can-someone-shed-some-light-on-the-popcycle-dat
    BTW this section starts at line #176 in my file (just for comparison).

  • @meimeiriver Wow good catch man. I'll put that idea on that back burner for now. Nice to know the game engine can be instructed to use a higher definition texture when needed. This info should be spread throughout the modding community.
    Especially to the modders making high quality vehicles. Great find!


    @BULLFAYCE I dunno. I always went with the standard addon car DLC templates promoted here, and never thought about the game being needed to be told cars may have higher def textures too. I kinda assumed the game would use these automagically.

    My head is still wrapped around the MILO stuff I'm doing now, but this is definitely something I'm going to have to test out soon!

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