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Is your game crashing?!


    There's been a lot of comments/threads of late about the gaming crashing when loading. I've had this happen to me several times (but trying again usually makes the game start again). So I will make a few general comments about the matter.

    I will assume you checked the relevant logs first, for obvious clues.

    For starters, pinpoint the moment when your game crashes. This is vital. If your game is already cycling those background images, then the likely cause is an error/out of resources thingy with something in your mods folder. I must re-iterate the need to grasp this: ScriptHookV stuff is loaded much earlier. So, while it isn't out of the realm of possibilities to write a very faulty custom script that will crash your game regardless (yes, I made a terrible boob-boo once, doing just that), normally the background screens popping up is indicative of a 'sane' script environment.

    Sometimes you're stuck in a 'spinning wheel' screen, with no escape. This almost always denotes a problem with your gameconfig file. Get Dilapidated's latest one, is all I can say.

    Oftentimes, though, your game will crash before any of that. It starts with a lof of blackness, as usual, and then there's a very short moment where you get a (small Windows-) rotating circle -- indicating the program is busy/possibly in the process of not responding. When that takes too long, Windows decides it's Game Over, and simply aborts the program.

    The latter appears a vulnerable point. For me, it's right before QuantV starts... or not, is the point. Every startup crash I've had, occurs at the exact moment preceding the bootup of QuantV. That doesn't mean QuantV is at fault per se, as it can simply be a matter of too many ASI's starting up/some initialization conflict between them, a weird re-rentrance issue, etc. Unfortunately, though, disabling QuantV (renaming the .asi) had made all my startup crashes gone away (I haven't examined it enough, really, but I think QuantV is primarily just the 'trainer'; most of the graphics enhancements are done by ENB, really. I didn't notice a visual difference, at least).

    My QuantV story is largely anecdotical, really: just because my game crashes because of starting QuantV, if it crashes at all, doesn't mean your situation is the same. Initializing a (scripted) graphics mod, I can readily see, though, how switching shaders and such may open up the game to crashes. So, long story short, if your game crashes at the same point, it might be worthwhile to temporarily rename the extensions on some of your ASI/dll files, and try starting the game up again -- especially your graphic mods.

    Oh, and don't use Redux: it's stolen crap, and way too invasive anyway.

    In my own scripts, I've built in some small code to not do anything yet while the game is loading. (I take it ScripthookV will be sensible enough to not start anything yet until it's 'safe' to begin with, but it never hurts to be sure). I did this for SPA too, and it appears to have helped. For most ASI files (all of them, actually) you have no control over when what gets initialized. But temporarily disabling (renaming) them, one by one, may help you to troubleshoot this type of crash.

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