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accused of rating with fake accounts and stolen mods

  • so i recently upload a vehicle to gta5mods https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mobile-command-trailer#comments_tab

    it was on other sites and tested before i posted it.

    but it seem to spur outrage ammong modders , first i was accused of stealing the mod, then when i proved i didnt, several modders spammed my comments section with negative comments and low ratings, then they joined my discord to further spam, offering no solution or change.

    everyone has a valid point, but this mod is still good no its not lore i didnt think everything uploaded to 5mods had to be lore.

    now staff are accusing me of making fake accounts to rate my downloads, this is not true, i have over 303 members in my discord, and several fivem servers use this mod, they all say its solid, no errors, no lag, no crashes, yes it high poly. but its just one vehicle being used.

    i have asked all my followers on youtube, in discord, and fivem to log on and rate this download since they used it and help support its development.

    i want to make this clear, i dont seal mods, and i dont make fake accounts. this is absurd to be accused of by a moderator of this site.

  • I’ve never met Candice, nor talk to her frequently, but learned of her Discord via another that I was a member of, so I joined. I watched this mod, being developed on candice’s discord. Prior to it being uploaded here, its bad enough people have to come in and spam the comments and then join her discord to further spam her. But now to learn that a STAFF member of gta-5 mods is a part of this is absolutely appaling. Staff admin and moderators are supposed to stay neutral and investigate complaints thouroughly, not jump on the bandwagon. This situation needs to be fixed by a SITE ADMIN ASAP!! Thank you!

  • @quasar3210 Jump on what bandwagon? A moderator saw a secondary account (indicated by the account having the exact same IP address, having just been created, and the only activity being of rating two of Candice's mods), banned it, and told Candice not to make multiple accounts. There is no indication of not "staying neutral", not "investigating complaints thoroughly", or "jumping on the bandwagon."

    @Candice_211 Most if not all of the negative comments I saw were in my opinion not "trolling" or "hating" as you have said multiple times, but were actually pointing out problems or bad quality and rating according to that. IGnoTon was especially very detailed and helpful in his comment. Rating low is not against the rules here, as long as the comment contains constructive criticism, which the ones I've seen did.
    I don't see any comments about it being a stolen mod. Perhaps you're talking about a different mod, or were the comments deleted?

    Now another account has been created that said the secondary account was your SO's, which if is true we are sorry about that, the evidence just pointed towards an account created by you to rate your own mods.

  • @Jitnaught i saw the complaints but i only jave zmodler and optimization is limited. So i should quit modding or learn overnight blender doesnt work like that.

    i valued every opinion, but have no idea how to fix it. not one person offered to help, sent me a tutorial or nothing.

    they're comments range from "you should quit", "learn a new program", "oh my god"
    how about send me a tutorial on how to do it better, offer to optimize the trailer better.

    all i can use is zmodeler in its limited fashion and i am still learning that.

    any modder is welcome to the files to optimize it better, in the meantime i can only optimize to extent of my knowledge in zmodeler. and getting mad at me because i dont know doesn't help anything.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Candice_211 That does not mean the ratings are not true, or are "trolling" or "hating." Providing constructive criticism is the only requirement for ratings; providing tutorials is not required. There is no reason you should be having such a fit over it. Some of the comments are actually very helpful, and it is not their fault you don't have the tools or knowledge to fix the problems.

  • @Jitnaught those comments are in no way helpful and extremely vague. while they have all their fiends post identical comments. and down rate me, in a effort to find a loophole because accusing my mod of being stolen didnt work.

  • @Candice_211 I'm mainly referring to IGnoTon, who looked into the problems and tried to help out. Most of the other comments ultimately come down to "way too many polygons" but that is not against the rules.

    You never gave any back story to the supposed "stolen mod" accusations. I asked a question about it above.

  • @Jitnaught oh im sorry im not sure, one day this week this mod was pulled and a moderator told me he got reports that it was stolen, i guess cause it was missing the credits i redid the credtis and spoke with Krebb via diret message but no response and then later the download was re-approved back up and then later bombarded with those complaints from the lore squad as they call them self's all ganging up on my mod. i spoke with IGnoTon he was very knowledgeable but didn't really want to help other than tell me to learn a better program. they all seem to be from the same modding group. bombarded my discord with insults and being rude. i can only assume they were the ones who have conflict with the mod since they felt so stongly.

  • @Candice_211 And where are those comments? Were they deleted?

  • @Jitnaught they were deleted by another mod when it was reapproved. i cant delete comments on here. it was mod BigDogg who said he received reports that the mod was stolen.


  • @Candice_211
    Okay, thanks for the info. I know you can't delete another user's comments.

    The problem with the supposed spam of low ratings is not something we can help with. We have no evidence of them grouping together, but it's not like grouping together to rate mods is against the rules (if it was, you'd be breaking them too). All of their ratings follow the rules, so they can stay, even if their ratings aren't entirely fair due to being so low just for being a high-poly model, but I think it's a valid reason to rate low for being too high-poly.
    I don't see why a group would resort from accusations of it being a stolen mod to just rating it low (with valid reasoning); what's the point, why would they waste their time, what's the end goal?
    This is just my opinion though and other moderators may see it a different way, so maybe the comments will be deleted. It's kind of a gray area, so we'll see. I don't see any ratings about lore though, which would be completely unfair and would be deleted.

    If they are being rude on your Discord server then I'd advise to ban them there.

    Regarding the secondary account ban, the evidence pointed toward it being an account created by you to rate your own mods. If it's true that it belongs to your SO then I sincerely apologize on behalf of all staff.
    Since another account has been created by your SO I suppose the old one will be kept banned, but if necessary we can switch the ban so the new account is banned and old one unbanned, or your SO can request the deletion of one of the accounts. Having multiple accounts is still against the rules.

    If you have any problems with unfair ratings or rude comments on the site please report them using the Report link.

  • @Jitnaught i said the same thing why would a group do this, idk. , why does anyone do anything, i have no clue. but it was done.

    they were banned from my discord but the lore stuff they staid in my discord and not on here.

    but thanks i appreciate your prompt reply. my SO will keep the current account. we just thought it was unfair an odd coincidence thats this happened.

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